Innovation in Guitar Amplification – Go Solar!

I came across some neat stuff today. I was at Kmart, and found 2 nice dvd players, one with one 7″ 16:9 screen, and one with two 4.5″ 16:9 screens. Now, why were these neat? because not only did they play dvd, and cdr/cdrw/mp3, but they had av inputs for other a/v inputs like xbox, vhs, tv/satellite tuner, etc., and were 12vdc native with 120vac adapter. Great for keeping the kids occupied on long trips, or in their bedroom at night when the generator is off. Both are less than $200. second cool thing was at BJ’s. We all have seen those portable air compressor/jump starter packages, but one with a 400 watt inverter intregrated? It’s a 12vdc power pack, a 400 watt 120 vac power pack, jumper cable and air compressor package, with service light (not fluorescent like the jump pack I got previously with no inverter. This one is “Hummer” branded, and costs $99. Last cool thing, which I purchased a while back at sears, was a 15″ LCD TV (not hdtv 16:9). 12vdc native (44watt), with 120vac brick. IIRC, it was about $389. With with PC SVGA input, $599. So where is this all leading you ask? Well a Fender amp is a mains powered device , so you might say how can i run it, like the gizmo’s above, from 12vdc when we are gigging in the bush? Good question well I think that solar panels is a great way to power your amp if you are REALLY remote. They are just too expensive to get power put on in remote properties like my mate Grahams so I will be doing research in  ways of powering the old Fender amp so we can jam on solar power . You need, i am told a solar inverter which will convert the electricity that the solar panels make into a.c. electricity that the trusty Fender amp runs on . I got this info from his website , where they have useful information on solar power in Melbourne and solar rebates etc. About solar- what people tend to forget is  prevention is better than cure. So many buildings are build without proper insulation or considering window placement, front, overhangs, ect, ect. If you do this properly  you can bring the electricity load down dramatically and then your solar power system and the number of solar panels needed will be a lot less. My mate Phil Green ( a great player and solar techie) and I will be going more into solar power for our uisic applications. Phil has 30 solar panels on his Melbourne home and reckons his power bill has dropped 80 percent since he installed it. He got a solar rebate from the Vic Government and the 3kw system only cost him $4K – pretty impressive considering that solar power in Melbourne used to set you back over $20k 5 years ago!! Heres the link to the solar power Melbourne site – here