After seeing our 3 monthly electricity bill jump to over $1800 in September, we took the plunge and installed a 5.o kilowatt solar system and Panasonic 4.2 KWatt solar battery storage unit – very exciting.

We talked with Adelaide solar expert John Grainger who crunched the numbers for us. A lot of it was way above my head but basically John came up with the following figures on out electricity consumption and the type of solar generation we would need plus the battery to power us at night time. Here’s the breakdown:

Our Daily Kilowatt Hour Electrcity Use on Average = 22.6 KWH (kilowatt hours – power consumed)

Percentage of our daily power usage that is used in the daytime as opposed at night = 57 percent

Solar System Size Required  = 5 Kilowatts = 25 x 200 watt Trina solar panels

Savings per month on electricity = $1600

Cost of System = $16,500

Payback Period (this is the time to pay back the initial cost of the battery storage system PLUS   the solar system itself) = 10 years approximately.

10 Year Pay Back For Solar?

The 10 year so called payback period sounds like a LONG time. But, the following mitigating factors need to be considered:

  1. Adelaide electricity prices are projected to double within 10 years. IF this is the case, the the actual payback time frame could drop to 6 or 7 years – not bad.
  2. We will avoid all potential S.A. gris black outs – this has got to be worth the investment itself.
  3. We save approximately 27,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would otherwise be generated were we to continue to purchase electricity from majority coal and gas generated power. A green win!

Updates To Come

Over the coming months i will publish the savings that we make on our power bills – exciting days indeed.