The Jands 200E audio power amplifier is a great amplifier. Originally built way back in 1986 it was one of the first solid state amplifiers made available for bass players that had an output of 500 watts r.m.s.

Background Of The Jands 200E Amplifier

Notable bands claimed to have used the amplifier include Black Sabbath, The Who and a host of ’80′s Australian rock bands. I acquired my 200E in 1990 for the pricely sum of $600. The amplifier originally sold for $3500 so it was an absolute bargain. The amplifier has increadible sound and has the best bass boost i have encountered and has a very simple console consisting of master volume, treble, bass and equalise function.

How To Save Output Transistors

The 200E used Japanese made 2sC457E transistors in a push pull arrangement. They are a TO3 packaged transistor and generally robust however will blow if there is no load (as in loudspeaker) connected. In testing the amplifier i have found that by connecting 6 200 watt power resistors wired in series of 27 ohm resistance, that the amplifier runs seamlessly  without the risk of damaging the output stage. The Ho power resistors purchased from Australian resistors are huge and hardly heat up when dissipating 200 watts of audio power! Wire wound resistors are perfect for audio applications as they have excellent electrical inpulse tolerance and are generally ‘rugged’ both electrically and mechanically. More details at